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Curly Cherry Cheese board
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Curly Cherry Cheese Board

Curly Cherry Cheese Board

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    This beautiful curly cherry cheese board is the perfect gift for foodie friends, family or as a show stopping piece for your very own home. Create a lovely centerpiece for your next gathering that adds the professional presentation that your food deserves. 

This cheese board is a single piece of curly cherry with a beautiful grain pattern.

I have sanded this by hand with varying grits of sandpaper until the whole thing is glass smooth. It has been hand rubbed with mineral oil along with melted local beeswax. When the board starts to fade in color a small application of mineral oil will bring the shine right back. Simply rub in with a towel or rag until the board is completely covered and let air dry.   The board can be washed with mild detergent and water but never place in a dishwasher.



Regular: 18" long  x 5.5" wide  x 1" thick

Large: 21" long x 5.5" wide x 1" thick